Triple Threat - Live Script Read



Phoenix Convention Center


May 30, 2015




What would happen if the characters from Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock all met and had an adventure together? I decided to write a script, gather some actors and read it aloud to a group of fans. And it went over like gangbusters...


Our Story So Far:


Part 1

Sam and Dean Winchester journey to England to meet up with a friend of their father's. While there, they discover that Spring Heeled Jack is killing women, and only they can stop him. Sherlock and Watson have also taken the case and end up crossing paths with the boys. The Doctor and Rose are following a breach between universes and finally all three factions meet up and must pool their resources to stop this strange creature from killing more innocent people. 


Part 2

Performed: June 3rd, 2016

The Doctor and Amy Pond journey to meet Sherlock but discover him a broken man. John Watson had been assassinated years before, so the Doctor travels back in time to prevent this, and ends up meeting up with Sam Winchester and Charlie Bradbury. They discover an old adversary of the Doctor is at work and it will take all of their skills to get the timeline back on track. 


Part 3

Performed: June 4th, 2016

Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer have become trapped in the past, so the Doctor and Amy must travel back to rescue them. But there's something else at work here, and even more of the timelines have been intermingled. And who says they even want to be rescued?