That's A Wrap On Phoenix Comicon 2016

Kyle here. 

That was a heck of a thing. Our first real Con appearance as an entity, four panels in the books and all of them went off without a hitch. That was six months of work gone in just about four hours, and it was time well spent. 

So hello to old friends and new! We're so glad you found us and happy for those of you who've stayed around. For those who missed the panels or would like to see them again, we're looking through the videos now, and discovering we're more artists than techies. 

But in the meantime, if you'd like to show your support, there's a couple of ways you can help us out. First off, we are still running our fundraiser. We've created a shirt that you can purchase for $20 and a portion of the proceeds go back to us to help recoup our costs. It'll only be available until June 17th, so place orders now-ish!

Secondly, you can let the Con know how much you liked our panels. It's up to them whether we get to come back and do it all over again, so your kind words about us sent to them go a long way.

You can email , the head of Programming for Phoenix Comicon or who is the Director of the entire convention. Their general account is 

And lastly, follow us on all the social media sites. We're a small group, so we're just getting our Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook stuff up and running, but we promise we won't spam your feeds. Thanks for your interest and I hope you'll stay around to see what we come up with next.