Our Oh So Pretty Faces

Hello out there to all of you in that World Wide Web. I wanted to take a couple of paragraphs here to talk about the events we are putting together for Phoenix Comicon 2016.

First up is SuperWhoLock. Last year at PHXCC, a group of us got together to perform an original script. What would happen if the characters from SUPERNATURAL, DOCTOR WHO and SHERLOCK met and had an adventure together? It went off smashingly, so we decided to do it again!

(Missed it last year? If only there was some way you could relive the magic, via YouTube...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFolX_5E-T4)

This year, we're getting bigger and bolder. We're doing not one, but two sequels: THE DOCTOR MUST DIE! and TIME IS A MANIAC! You won't need to know anything about last year's adventure, or even know every character to have a good time.

You can find out more about them here:


and also here:


or check the navigation at the top of the webpage for Projects, SuperWhoLock

We'll be creating Facebook Events to help spread the word, but mark your calendars for June 3rd and 4th at 4:30. You'll need a PHXCC membership to get in, but after that, it's free!

Next time, we'll talk about our newest, most ambitious project, something about Wars in the Stars...

And might I say, that thing you are doing with your hair these days, it's really working for you.