We are a theater troupe at large, working to make great geek-centric content online, live, podcast, wherever the audience is. 


Our Origin Story

It started out simply. After watching a panel at a local comic convention where the participants were trying, and failing, to spend an hour as their favorite fictional character answering questions, I thought there has to be a better way to do this. Add to that the joy of watching a cold read of a script by professional actors and I wondered if you could combine the two. What if you could write an episode of a TV show that could never be made? A movie that would never be shot? You keep the scripts, so no one has to memorize anything and let the audience's imagination do the rest. 


“I got tired of waiting for someone to make the stuff I wanted to see.”

— Kyle olson, FOUNDER


The primary focus at the moment is on panels at Phoenix Comicon. They've let us do pretty much whatever we wanted in their meeting room, as long as we don't break the rules. Last year, we started with SuperWhoLock, a TV episode where the characters from Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock got to meet and have an adventure together. 

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Our Mission

To make awesome stuff for cool people. That pretty much sums it up. We want to do theater, make podcasts, create videos, wherever you'll have us, we'll do something amazing. 


Leo slumped against the concrete divider, hurt but still in the fight. The blood flow from his shoulder wound was finally slowing down. But there were still so many of them out there. As he tried to catch his breath, the same thought came back to him, as it had so many times before. "How do you write up a website for a new group that's barely done anything without sounding either ridiculously optimistic, foolishly naive or darkly cynical?" Leo didn't know, maybe some kind of weird meta-textual fiction piece? No, that's just pretentious, Leo thought as he chambered another round into his gun. 


Do all the things!

You know what's great? Money. So far we haven't found a way to make any yet, but we're working on it. Patreon, making merch, charging admission, all can be great, as the boring people say, revenue streams. But at this point, we're all about making the awesome. We're hoping that down the line, people will say, "Nice job, can I give you a dollar?" 

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