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Star Wars: Episode One - TAKE TWO! (Act Two)

  • Phoenix Convention Center (map)

Seventeen years ago, millions of fans cried out in despair and were largely ignored. Now it's time to forget all that. Imagine a world where the prequels were never made, where only now are the new franchise keepers planning them. We have written a brand new full script for Episode One and we'll be reading it out with a full cast, sound effects and a whole lot of enthusiasm. No midi-chlorians, no trade disputes, no Jar Jar, just the origin story we always hoped to see. Not a hoax! Not a gag! Not a spoof! Just pure Star Wars goodness the way you like it. But a story this big can't fit in one mere panel! This is Act Two. Make sure to join us for Act One and the epic beginning of the story. Every saga has a beginning, and sometimes one needs a do-over. 

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